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Nothing better than a warm shower in winters to wash away the blues

Winters in the UAE come slow, but they are certainly no joke! With Covid19 restrictions, many people will be staying indoors most of the time in Dubai, which can be sad because winters in Pre-Covid era used to be about the warmth shared with get-together with family and friends. The only thing worse than lonely winters is…. Cold showers. Which is what you will be having if your water heater isn’t repaired in time. And that is less than an ideal situation to be in.

When your water heater needs maintenance or repair

Summers in Dubai are so hot you hardly ever need to use the water heater as the water from taps is a norm. However, once the winter spells start and especially when it starts raining, the normal water from taps stays quite cold for a long time, which is not ideal for residents in Dubai who are used to warm water most of the year.  The ideal situation would be to just turn the heater on, except that it may not be that simple. Since they haven’t been used for a large part of the year, considering water heater repairs in Dubai is a good idea.

But why repair something that isn’t broken? Well, there are signs you need to get your water heater checked for maintenance:

  1. Your heater heats water too slowly
  2. The water too hot or not hot at all i.e. No proper temperature control
  3. Your heater doesn’t turn on

If you notice any of the above issues when you attempt to use your heater, you get your heater checked with a professional maintenance service in Dubai, to see if you need water heater repairs. If the problem is not fixable, you will also be able to look at options for water heater replacement in Dubai.

This winter, if you aren’t getting warm water and suspect your heater isn’t in perfect condition, know that it is always worth repairing your water heater, when it will be used to the maximum. Warm showers in cold weather are heavenly yet simple pleasures of life. This winter, do not miss out by not repairing your water heater in time.

Total Property Care is a home maintenance company and can be trusted with water heater repairs and replacements in Dubai. We take pride in our warm customer service and quick responses. 

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