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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

General & Preventive Maintenance Services Dubai:

Things wear out and need repairs from time to time. The only way to get electrical equipment to remain in top condition is to have it maintained and serviced regularly.

This is why most general maintenance companies in Dubai offer preventive maintenance services, and residents should avail of them before moving into a new place to ensure all is well. It is also advised to hire a general maintenance company to be done annually to check if everything is safe to use.

Total Property Care offers the following general & preventive maintenance services:

  • Servicing of the Air Conditioner
  • Repair or replacement of distribution boards, circuit breakers, and circuit boards
  • Repair or replacement of sockets, switches, control panels, ELCBs, and light fittings
  • Repair or replacement of water heaters
  • Repair or replacement of drainage lines, pipe leaks, and tanks (only applicable to villas)
  • Repair or replacement of sanitary ware fittings such as faucets, valves, and water closet toilet mechanism

We at TPC have well-trained teams available on call for prompt and professional general maintenance services in Dubai.

Preventive Maintenance DUBAI:

Total Property Care provides high-quality regular and routine maintenance of appliances and assets to keep them functional and prevent costly downtime from surprising equipment failure. Our skillful technician team prepares a successful maintenance strategy to maintain it before an issue occurs. As we are an experienced preventive maintenance company, we have to get ready with more than one possible preventive method as we are not aware of the complexity & value of the equipment and the probability of compliance requirements until we inspect it.

General Maintenance Company In Dubai:

Total Property Care provides a wide range of effective, qualified, and high-quality general maintenance services in residential and commercial facilities, from plumbing to electrical services. You may depend on the highly qualified specialists at Total Property Care for everything from routine maintenance to prompt replies and unforeseen issues. As we are one of the best general maintenance companies in Dubai, you may rely on the highly skilled and knowledgeable general maintenance specialists of Total Property Care. Once you contact us, we will develop a service plan that satisfies your requirements, whether you require employees to conduct routine inspections and maintenance or to address issues like water pipe leaks or electrical malfunctions. For more information Contact us today.

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