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When you need to paint your home in Dubai

With people coming in from all over the world to visit Dubai, Real estate in the city has always been worth more than gold. If you have recently purchased property, then it would be logical to maintain it. If you are a long term resident who invites family and friends to stay often, then you’d be looking for reliable maintenance services in Dubai as well.

In short, if you call Dubai your home, then it is inevitable that you will be looking for painting services in Dubai. Not only does painting your house interior make it look pleasant, but it also adds value to your home. Here are a few reasons to consider doing so:

The color is starting to fade

Most good quality paints have long lasting colors but if you notice your walls starting to look duller by the day, or if the paint in particular areas of the walls are lighter than the rest; then chances are that your wall paint is fading. This can be because of low paint quality, improper techniques, or even weather conditions. The faded color may kill the vibe of your home so calling a painting service in Dubai will be a good idea.

It’s about time

How long do you expect a paint job to last? A good rule of thumb is to consider getting a fresh coat every 5 – 7 years. But if your home gets a lot of sunlight throughout the year, or if there is some sort of damage to the walls, then you may need to call a painting service in Dubai much earlier. Has it been almost a decade since you last called in someone to paint your home? Then most likely the paint is starting to crack and come off on the walls and the walls which still have their paint on look old fashioned and outdated since colors and moods change all the time. You and your family have grown in these years, and your house should reflect that energy.  Does reading this make you think of your home?  If yes, then this New Year give your home the paint job it deserves!

Cracks, stains and molds

Cracked paint on walls looks unattractive, but we are not just talking about looks here. Cracking paint is often a result of bad quality paint, walls that were not primed properly before painting and even interior damage. It also looks a lot like carelessness on the part of those living at home as it shows improper maintenance.

Stains, like cracked walls, bring down the overall appeal of the interior. However, if the stains are internal then they may be caused by molds which are not only disgusting but also cause serious health concern and should be removed as soon as possible by contacting a professional maintenance company. Once removed, they have to be painted over so the walls look fresh and clean again.

If you relate to any of the above scenarios, you need to call a professional painting service in Dubai to get the job done for you in a timely and professional manner.

Total Property Care is a home maintenance company that takes pride in providing professional painting services in Dubai. We do not simply call ourselves the experts, we adjust to knowing how to do the best job possible within time and budget constraints. 

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