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AC Maintenance
AC Repair in Dubai: Enjoy Clean & Pure Breathing.

Dubai’s weather is warm almost all year round, and residents here cannot afford any AC malfunctions in summer or winter. Therefore, we must ensure that our AC is well-functioning throughout the year. Getting your AC service done from an authentic ac maintenance company in Dubai frequently is the only key to staying calm and chilled, leaving you with no horrible experience.

With years of experience in an AC maintenance company in Dubai. Our expert engineers and technicians can install, maintain, or repair all commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

We believe the most important step is diagnosing the ACS’s defects, which our team can do well. We strive to deliver the best ac repair services in Dubai, and for this purpose, we provide a free inspection of Air conditioner units to our customers.

Hire Total Property Care, the best ac maintenance company Dubai to satisfy your cooling needs.

Get Better Air & Life With Our Exclusive Ac Maintenance Services:

Total Property Care has a team of expert & experienced professionals who understand the importance of Ac Maintenance. Once you book our services, we inspect faults and issues with the correct tools and fix all types of defects in air conditioning systems. If you think your AC is causing problems, contact us for ac repair services now.

 As the AC process is very tricky, and every element of it is connected, any trouble with any part of the system can affect the others; therefore, it directly affects the system’s efficiency.

If your ac system is giving poor performance or reduced cooling efficiency and speed, hire our Ac Maintenance Dubai, as we believe in fair rates, quality work & outstanding customer service.

Our Services

AC Installation

AC Service Dubai
  • Residential Air Conditioning.
  • Commercial Air conditioning units.

AC Service

AC Repair Dubai
  • AC Maintenance and servicing.
  • Filter cleaning.
  • Coil Cleaning.

AC Repairs

AC Repair Dubai
  • Emergency Repairs.
  • AC Repairing.
  • Fixing of AC Unit.
  •  Compressor Repairing.
  • Modification.

Other Services

  • Inspecting lubrication of fan motors and bearings.
  • Testing of performance and functionality of compressor and evaporator fins.
  • Checking compressor for irregular noise, vibrations and proper suction.
  • Cleaning of electrical components.
  • Verifying temperature in the rooms.
  • Testing of AC motors like fans, belts and motors (vibration or noise a.s.o.).
  • Cleaning of drain lines.
  • Filters cleaning.
  • Pressure washing of condenser coils (outside).
  • Placement of drain flow tablets in drip trays (Extra charges applicable).
  • Minor repairs in insulation systems of air conditioners.
  • Lubrication of fan motors and fan bearings.


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Can I turn off my air conditioner at the fuse box or PowerPoint?

It’s OK to switch off the electricity, especially if you’ll be gone for a
prolonged time. The compressor is kept heated by a low-wattage
crankcase heater in most systems. Damage will occur during startup if
the compressor is cold. If you turn off your air conditioner, you must
wait at least 12 hours before using it again. If you think your AC needs
to be fixed, call Ac Repair Dubai.


Why is a white mist expelled from the air conditioners’ outdoor fans during the heating cycle?

When the outside temperature drops below 6 degrees Celsius in the
winter, most air conditioners defrost. This mist is typical; it’s just
heated water vapor escaping.

How often should I clean the air filter in my air conditioner?

When the filter light flashes, this is a generic indicator. However,
depending on the area or air quality, once a season is sufficient in an
everyday residential context. Once a month in a commercial environment.
It will be more convenient if you call professionals for Ac Cleaning

I’ve got a ducted air conditioner, but the air only comes out in parts of the house?

Ducted systems can be configured so that only certain areas of the house (zones) are cooled at any one time.

Water drips from the outer unit. Is this situation normal?

It is usual for the outside units to drip water, mainly when operating a
window unit or heating mode. The unit has a drain outlet, and coupling
supplied should you wish to connect a drain- pipe to remove this water.
If the situation is out of control, call the technician for Ac
Maintenance Dubai.