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Property Snagging Services

Property Snagging Services

Snagging is the checking process for a property to determine whether the developer or contractor has faults or repairs overlooked. Buyers are protected from the responsibility of the developer or contractor for the resolution of these problems prior to the handing over of the property by bugging in Dubai.

For a wide range of residential and business properties, Total Property Care provides first-class property snagging services in Dubai. We have experts who will evaluate a property for snags.

Our service is aimed at enabling purchasers and investors based in Dubai to receive their payment and ensure that the developer or contracting company they have hired has done their job correctly. When a buyer signs and takes the keys, he is fully responsible for the property — including repair costs for any defects after the handover and the period of faulty liability.

By locating the snags early, investors or buyers can ensure that the contracting company corrects any problem in advance and at no additional cost.

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