Total Property Care

Total Property Care



TPC professional duct cleaning team is applying treatments to encapsulate the inside surfaces of the air ducts and equipment housings which will control mold growth and prevent the release of dirt particles and fibers from ducts.


Our team of expert engineers and technicians have worked with and can install, maintain, or repair all kinds of commercial and residential air conditioning systems.


Our Annual maintenance contract ensures that you get to avail regular services by professional technicians. It also means that our teams are available for you 24/7, 365 days a year whenever you need emergency services.


Snagging is the checking process for a property to determine whether the developer or contractor has faults or repairs overlooked. 


Plumbing and maintenance of pipes and tanks are important for the proper functioning of any building. Total Property Care, therefore, provides the following services in Dubai


Total Property Care offer professional painting services that make your home look attractive, well maintained and allows you to impress your visitors with your taste.


Total Property Care, as a maintenance company in Dubai, has a team of professionally trained and qualified electricians who have enough experience with most jobs to know what to do when the need arises


Total Property Care has you covered. As a maintenance company in Dubai, we understand the needs of the residents and the handyman services they may need according to the situation.

Our team will arrive at your convenience,bringing all the equipment that may be required.


Things wear out and need repairs from time to time. Infact, the only way to get electrical equipment to remain in top condition is to have it maintained and serviced regularly.

Our 4 Step Working Process



Our Expert will visit your home / office / business space along with our technicians to check for Electrical issues, Plumbing system, painting inspection and any other household maintenance issue.


Inspection Report

After the inspection, you will receive a quotation and comprehensive inspection report showing the actual state of your system.


Servicing Process

The then proceeds to dismantle your system to clean, repair or service every single part including your ducts, evaporators, blower, drainage trays, tanks, pump pressure, water heaters, filters, vents, etc.


Restoration & Reporting

After the service, our Technicians do a final Quality check and cleans up and restore everything better than when we first arrived.