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Common Plumbing Problems In Homes and How to Fix them

Whether your current residence is brand new or decades old, you will eventually be needing plumbing issues and repairs. The advice is to get them taken care of as soon as possible because whether it is a leaky pipe that won’t stop bothering you or a clogged drain that takes ages to clear out, they often tend to get worse and so timely maintenance is necessary.

Here are some common problems that may prompt you to contact a reliable maintenance company in Dubai:

Leaking Pipes

Pipes that haven’t been maintained properly tend to leak which does not only unnecessarily waste water and increase utility bills, but the sound of a leaking pipe is…. ANNOYING. Particularly when you cannot locate where the pipe is leaking from. While you cannot fix an unseen leaking pipe at home,  If you can see where the pipe is leaking, first turn off the water source and then wrap it with Teflon tape.

If it doesn’t work, call a professional plumbing service in Dubai to fix it for you.

Dripping Faucets or Low Water Pressure

A dripping faucet is surely a nuisance but when the water pressure is so low it becomes difficult to use; some action has to be taken!.If you are unsure of what to do, consulting a professional will definitely help.

Drainage Issues

Among the most unignorable plumbing issues is that of the drain. While store bought drain cleaners are advertised to be a solution; they can often become part of the problem too. They aren’t as effective as traditional (manual) plumbing, contain chemicals that are damaging to the environment as well as your drainage pipe system.

When you invest in a reputable plumbing service in Dubai and leave your maintenance in the hands of a skilled professional plumber; you are guaranteed to save your money and time from going down the drain! We, at Total Property Care offer some of the best plumbing services in Dubai, for assistance contact us at +971 56 466 706 for booking free inspection.

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