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The perks of getting an annual maintenance contract

There are two kinds of people in the world – those that live one day at a time, and those that plan ahead of time. If you are among the second category then you should consider looking into annual maintenance plans by a reputed maintenance company in Dubai. Annual maintenance plans are not just for businesses, but also for homes. And if you think you’ll be paying in advance, for services you will not be able to avail, then you probably haven’t tried out our annual maintenance contracts yet. Apart from the other advantages of a AMC contract, there is the satisfaction of being responsible to have considered future problems at an appropriate time.

Here are some perks that come with our annual maintenance contract:

Pay once, call anytime for any maintenance needs

Once you have an annual maintenance contract, you do not need to worry about any unexpected maintenance costs that can come up for the rest of the year. Which is a relief for any busy person. There is also the reliability factor involved since you know who to call when the need arises. Depending on your contract, there are a couple of maintenance services that come in the package. You get to choose which services you need, or simply pick one which suits your needs and budget. And that’s it. You don’t have to worry about maintenance anymore. For a year, that is.

Always a call away in emergencies:

Maintenance emergencies can happen anytime. Whether it is a gas leak, short circuit, or an emergency that requires a plumber; a contract means you don’t have to look for a professional at the 11th hour. Our customers can call us whenever they need us, without thinking of the expenses since the annual maintenance contract assures of 24/7 free services for emergencies.

You can afford preventive maintenance

Most people only call a maintenance company in Dubai only when they need to. However, if you have an annual maintenance contract you can call professional technicians to service your AC’s, electrical appliances, drainage system and even plumbing units. A contract also offers air duct cleaning, which is a necessity for residents of Dubai who rely on ACs for air circulation throughout the year. Therefore, everything in your home and office remains in the best condition and you get efficiency and extended life from your appliances.

Total Property Care is a home maintenance company in Dubai that offers annual maintenance contracts. Whether it is home or office; for everything to remain functioning smoothly, regular maintenance is the key.

And with an annual maintenance contract by a maintenance company in Dubai, you can be sure all your maintenance worries will be taken care of.

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