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Signs you should call for AC Maintenance in Dubai

Air Conditioners are a necessity for both residential and commercial buildings in Dubai. To allow your air conditioning systems to achieve longevity, and to make sure no unexpected disruptions come up in your routine, one should ideally schedule AC maintenance in Dubai. But that isn’t always possible.

Whether it is because of procrastination, or because they simply don’t see the need for it, most people only call a maintenance company in Dubai when they need to get something fixed or repaired.

If you do not get regular AC maintenance done, then you should look for these signs that signify the need to call a maintenance company as soon as possible:

Your AC does not cool or takes longer to cool 

When you turn on your Air Conditioner and don’t feel cool air coming out immediately, it is a sign that the system needs servicing. Or when the AC keeps running for hours but you don’t feel the room’s temperature changing, it means the system isn’t working as well as it should and should be checked out by a technician. 

Unusual Noises and Weird Scents

The ideal AC makes minimal noise. However, if your AC is louder than usual or makes a grinding, bumping, humming or whistling noise, you should be alarmed about it’s condition. If you notice any different noise coming from your air conditioners,calling a maintenance company will be a good idea.

Similarly, if a weird smell starts erupting every time you turn on your AC, you need to get your system examined. Scents coming from air conditioners can be a result of a leak, growth of mould, or even a component malfunctioning. If you notice a burning smell, call a maintenance company in Dubai urgently as it can be dangerous.

Your bills are higher

Sometimes when AC components wear out or malfunction, the power efficiency is reduced. This adds up to higher bills. If your bills are more than you expected, it may be worth calling a technician for AC maintenance in Dubai.

While the signs mentioned above can indicate problems in your AC, we would not recommend trying to fix it by yourself as it is dangerous and can damage your system. Professional maintenance technicians have experience working with electronic components present in the AC, and can diagnose the problem correctly before they attempt repair or replacement . 

Total Property Care is a home maintenance company in Dubai that has a team of professionally trained technicians that can examine the interior of your system and diagnose the

problem. In case of a damaged component, we can suggest whether it is appropriate to replace or simply repair. If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above and wish to get AC maintenance in Dubai, we would be happy to be of service.

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