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Smart Thermostats Dubai

Smart Thermostats give your home the upgrade it deserves!

With advancement in technology over the last few decades, smart homes have become a reality. Technological devices used in homes improve the lifestyle of its inhabitants and allow everyday routine to be more efficient. One such device is a smart thermostat, which is becoming more and more popular with residents of Dubai.

What is a smart thermostat? Why is it needed?

Some of the things that make smart thermostats different from regular ones are:

  • They allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere
  • They maintain the temperature considering the time of the day, weather conditions, personal preferences and other factors
  • It shows you the energy consumed at any given time so you can keep a check on utility bills, and is energy efficient

There are, however, some more perks of having a smart thermostat installed in Dubai. If you own your own property, then installing a smart thermostat that maintains the temperature of your apartment or villa is an investment that will pay for itself over the next few years. The reduction in your bills will be so significant that you will never have to worry about choosing between the temperature of your AC and reasonable utility bills.

If you live on rent then you will also be able to avail the benefits of smart thermostats since they can be removed and fixed in any new home you rent in the future. You will simply have to call a AC maintenance company in Dubai that has experience in fixing smart thermostats whenever you move.

Some of the more famous brands for smart thermostats in Dubai are Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, among others.  We advise you to look for reviews online or contact us for advice on which brand to invest in. The main purpose of smart thermostats is the same, but users choose one over the other because of their preference of  their features and styles.

Total Property Care install, fix and provide support for customers who have or want to install smart thermostats all across Dubai. Their team will install the device, and if necessary, guide you on its correct use. If you need assistance, contact us at +971 56 466 706 for booking free inspection.

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