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How wooden flooring can transform your home

There are multiple flooring options available in the market today, but we think the classic wooden flooring look is so elegant that it is made to stay. In this post, we talk about the charm, versatility, variety and maintenance of wooden flooring.

The Charm of Wooden Flooring

There is something very alluring about sunlight on wooden floors in a home, it gives it a homely vibe.  It is adaptable to all sorts of styles and pretty much goes with about every furniture style.

While most modern home designs had omitted wooden floorings over the last few years, that didn’t let them disappear! They have, and probably always will be a part of vintage spaces.

However, in more recent times, wooden flooring has become more in as homeowners, interior designers and property are opting for wooden floorings to increase the worth of their property and simply because it is a safe choice that isn’t likely to go out of style for many years to come.

Different species of trees have wood of different colors and texture. And there are different types of wooden flooring options in the market. There is also a choice between choosing finished or unfinished boards. Would you like to keep it as is, or paint it?

The choices are many, and you must choose well according to your requirements and budgets because it isn’t everyday that you install a new floor at home.


If you are considering solid wood flooring, then there are multiple species such as maple, oak, walnut, ash, mahogany, cherry and even bamboo. The color style and maintenance obviously vary depending on the species.

Laminate Flooring – An alternative option

Laminated wood is synthetic and is manufactured to look exactly like wood. This is affordable,  easily maintained and looks just like the real thing. However it has a lower life than original wood and may be damaged due to moisture. If damaged, it will have to be replaced.

The Maintenance

While the appearance and design of wooden floors is unmatched, they can be a little tricky because their shine starts to dull over time and do not look the way they did when first installed.

Therefore, the condition, appearance and longevity of wooden floors are directly connected to the quality of their maintenance. Some of the ways you can keep them in top-notch order are:

  • Clear Liquid Spills immediately: Spilling beverages or water on wooden floors can damage them. But it isn’t possible to never have spilt anything, especially if you live in a large family, have kids, or host large gatherings or parties.  The key is to dry it ASAP. Because if the liquid evaporates on its own, it will damage the spot it was on.
  • Clean Daily: When you have wooden floors at home, cleaning them on an everyday basis should be a routine. Try to dust or brush your floors to get rid of dust instead of mopping them. However mopping them with a wet cloth occasionally is okay.
  • Use furniture pads  to avoid scratches: If you drag heavy furniture over wooden flooring such as tables, chairs and sofas, you can damage the floor. This is why it is safest to pad your furniture to avoid direct rubbing between the surfaces.
  • Avoid using harsh generic cleaners: Wooden flooring requires special cleaners to maintain their texture or shine. Using bleach, or detergents on wooden floors is a bad idea. Always choose a cleaning formula that indicates it is suitable for wooden floors.
  • Try to have them refinished regularly: Though you probably won’t need it until a couple of years after installation, giving wooden floors a refinish is one of the best ways to make them look as good as new! The timing and need for this depends on the condition of the floor, the type of wood, and how long it has been since installation or the last time it was refinished.

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