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Common Maintenance and repair issues that may arise in any home

Wear and tear are a part of life. Whether you have lived in a home for years or just recently moved to your new accommodation, there are bound to be certain maintenance repairs needed. In this post, we list down some of the main issues most people face that we have noted in our experience as a maintenance company in Dubai.

Plumbing Problems: Leaks, Clogs and Water Pressure

Plumbing services in Dubai are the most commonly requested maintenance service. This may primarily be because fixing most plumbing tasks are to be done by professional plumbers as there is always a risk of aggravating the situation if it isn’t fixed properly.

Pipe leaks are very common. Not only are they annoying, they can also contribute to the growth of moulds, ruin tiles and paint (depending on the location of the pipe leak). If not fixed at the right time, pipe leaks can get larger and may even break the pipe. A broken pipe takes longer and is costlier to repair than a damaged one. This is why, we suggest you call a plumber in

Dubai as soon as you find out about the leak.

Another common plumbing issue involves clogged toilets and sink drains. Slow drains are inconvenient and unhygienic. So if you have this problem, you will need plumbing services to get it resolved. Clogs can happen because of several reasons and liquid drain cleaners may not always be able to resolve the issue. If you have both clogs and leaks then there may be an issue with how your toilet or sinks are installed, a break in the wax ring or maybe even loose screws. A professional plumber will inspect the site and decide on how to fix it.

During inspection, make sure you get all the pipes, hoses, washers, handles and joints checked so you don’t have to deal with an urgent emergency soon.

AC repairs or dirty AC filters and Ducts

With most air circulation in Dubai dependent on air conditioning for most of the year, ACs in the city have to be in perfect working condition. AC repairs and AC duct cleaning in Dubai or AC filter cleaning are some of the most common reasons to call a maintenance company in Dubai.

Air conditioners, if they break down, need to be repaired as soon as possible as broken air conditioners disrupt airflow around the house. Air Ducts, if covered with dust and kept unclean for a long time, become a breeding spot for moulds and fungi, causing respiratory problems in some adults, children and even pets. In addition, this can also be the reason for the spread of many viral diseases.  AC filters also need to be cleaned (or changed) routinely to prevent the air duct from becoming contaminated. The cleaner the AC’s filter, the cleaner its ducts are going to be.

Faulty or broken doors and locks

A part of living in a home is to know that anything can happen at any time. Your keys can get stuck in the lock, your door hinges can become loose or your door handles/knobs can break. This can be serious if it is the entrance of your home or a bathroom, and less important if it is, for example, a closet. If you have an issue such as this, it is best to call a maintenance company in Dubai to have it checked out.

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