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Things you need to consider when getting an apartment on lease

Apartment hunting can be difficult when you have to move within a limited time period, or when you have a limited budget. However, once you made a list of a few considerations you need to keep in mind when getting an apartment on lease, the searching and the decision making will be easier.

The Budget

If you find the dream apartment in the most ideal location but it doesn’t fit your budget, then it may as well stay a dream and never become a home. Building a practical budget is important, but there are a few things to consider when fixing a budget for renting an apartment:

  • The market price

Are apartments in a certain neighbourhood more expensive than others? Is the location more important for your needs or the size? Do you think you will be able to strike a balance?  Budget accordingly.

  • The moving-in cost

It will cost you to move your stuff to the new apartment. Will you have to pay for parking? Do you need to pay some amount of money upfront for security deposit along with your rent? Will you need a handyman to help you set up your new home?

  • The Maintenance

Most of the time, there are a few things to be fixed in the apartment before moving in. Does it need a deep cleaning? Does the landlord promise to spruce up paint and take care of the basic maintenance? Or do you have to look for a maintenance company in Dubai to do it for you?

The Size

How many bedrooms do you need? What type of apartment style are you looking for? Do you want a palace that has parking or can you do without? Are you looking for a flat or a condo or a loft style apartment?

The Location

Do you need your new home to be close to school or work or do you want to be in a neighbourhood that allows you to be near places of entertainment or homes of friends and family? The location usually is also an important factor that affects your budget, so look accordingly.

The Lease Type

Is it a One-Year Lease? Are you able to commit for a whole year? Ask your landlord to see if you can negotiate it to a quarterly or half-yearly lease? If you do not want to pay monthly rent, check if you can have it bi-monthly or some other arrangement instead? Your Landlord will let you know if it is possible or not.

The life and Landlord

Does the Landlord seem like a reasonable person? Some landlords can be very interfering, which makes living in the apartment a nightmare for the tenants. If you are interested in a particular apartment, try talking to the neighbours to see what life is like at the apartment. Is parking a worry? Does it get noisy at times? Do they have a contract with a maintenance company in Dubai to call when something needs to be fixed? These are just some of the things that may help you make a decision, or prepare you for what’s ahead!

The Facility Management Company

Since all buildings in Dubai are run by a facility management company, make sure it is one that has a good reputation for maintenance and management. Ask people who already live in the building or neighbourhood managed by that company for a review.

The Condition of the apartment

Lots of people can be deceived by the initial show of the apartment and find its flaws only after moving in. This is why some people prefer rental snagging services in Dubai to ensure they get only good conditioned apartment options within their budget to choose from. There are always some fixes to be done, and so contacting a maintenance company to come to examine your future home for issues is a good idea. It will also show your landlord that you are serious about the maintenance of the place, and may prompt him to get the apartment in prime condition before you move in. It is important to lease an apartment that is in good condition as it will determine your quality of life when you live there.

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