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AC Duct cleaning must be part of your maintenance routine to enjoy a clean secure and healthy living space

AC Repair

ACs are the main source of air circulation for most of the year in Dubai, and the cleanliness of air ducts is directly proportional to quality of air you breathe in. Therefore, it goes without saying that AC duct cleaning should be a part of your maintenance routine in order to ensure your living space stays healthy.

 With experience in AC maintenance and Duct Cleaning, Total Property Care understands that the dirt and debris that collects on AC ducts and the problems they can cause if cleanliness is not maintained. Air ducts can collect pet dander, bacteria, dust, dirt and other harmful contaminants. These, if not cleaned properly, can aggravate respiratory allergies and illnesses.

 We, at Total Property Care provide professional duct cleaning services for homes, schools, residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, shops, and indoor playing areas. Professional AC Duct Cleaning Service involves the use of disinfecting materials and modern professional German Technology Router Machine in the process.

 The Process

Our team at Total Property Care can clean and disinfect all kinds of cooling system ducts including supply and return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, heaters, cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motors, house fans, and air handling units of all kinds of housing. Once the ducts have been thoroughly cleaned, TPC team applies treatments to coat the inside surfaces of air ducts to inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds as well as to prevent the release of dirt, dust and other fibers from the ducts.

Once we are done, your ducts are spotless and very clean, even at a microbial level because of the use of disinfectants.

Air from cleaner air ducts feels amazing and allows you to breathe in a safer, healthier space. 


Once the Ac ducts are cleaned, our team from Total Property Care ensures that the Air Conditioners are sanitized with DHA approved liquids. This ensures that AC ducts are protected from bacterial and microbial growth and you get to experience clean air for a longer period of time.

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Ac duct cleaning in Dubai

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According to reliable sources, air conditioning systems are one of the contaminants collection sources that may include bacteria, fungi, dust particles, allergens, and other harmful substances. Our expert technicians at Total Property Care will eliminate all contaminants from your AC system to provide improved air quality.
According to the experts, you can cut your energy bills up to twenty percent to thirty percent; if you maintain your AC system and clean the air duct from time to time, you can reduce your home energy bills. Contact us for Ac Duct Cleaning today.
Professionals Advice that you should clean the air ducts every three to five years. However, timings can vary according to the regions in your residential area, how frequently you use your AC system, and if any family member has respiratory problems.
Generally, Air duct cleaning takes place between one hour to an entire day. A standard air duct cleaning covers the ac system unit, the primary return, the vents in the rooms, and the air ducts. You can also contact professionals for Ac Duct Cleaning Dubai.
We have an expert technician team that diagnoses the defects of the AC system quickly and timely. Our main goal is to deliver the best AC services in Dubai. We do everything to achieve our mission; therefore, we offer a free inspection service for AC.