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Electricity can do incredible things; it’s something that has changed our environment and technology, as we know it, whether it’s charging your mobile phone or running whole cities. One of my first encounters with electricity was when I was about the age of five. It would be funny, my brothers thought to make me catch the electric fence that held our pigs in the pasture and laugh as I tried to let go as the fence zapped me. Needless to say, I was quickly led to respect by that experience of Electricity’s risky side, and taught me a new trick that I also practiced on some of my younger cousins growing up.

While electricity is a very important and useful part of our everyday lives, it is not sufficient to take its safety precautions for granted. Not only is it necessary to know how hazardous electricity can be, but it is also important to pay careful attention to how poor maintenance of electrical systems can lead to electrical faults in equipment, or worse, disastrous fires. While simple electrical maintenance can seem trivial, it can go a long way in preventing electrical fires or electrical surges that can harm property. Below are a few simple tips to help ensure that your electrical systems work as they should in your home or business.

  • Keep the electrical panels free from dirt and excessive dust. 
  • Do not store products on electrical panels within three feet. 
  • Holding the panels dry and away from possible water sources. 
  • Wipe down rags and solvents with lint-free panels as needed. 
  • In rooms with electrical panels, reduce heat accumulation. 
  • For any signs of rust, loose wires/breakers, and signs of excess heat, check the panels.

Before beginning, there are several more ways to avoid electrical problems especially for organizations with larger electrical systems, including a standard electrical preventive maintenance program (EPM). Scheduled inspection of electrical systems to include testing and maintenance of essential electrical components and their support systems should be part of the regular EPM program. It is also important to note that whether you are working with electrical components in your company or at home, whether you are not familiar with electrical systems or comfortable with electrical systems, a trained electrician can assist you with any checks, maintenance, or electrical repair needs.

The words of Elton John’s song come to mind as I conclude the writing of this post, “And suddenly I’m flying, flying like a bird, like electricity, electricity, sparks within me and I’m free.” Unlike the words in Elton’s song, if your feeling of electricity sparks, you’re certainly not going to be free. Do not let the best of you get bad electrical protection. For more information about Electrical Works in Dubai you can visit our site for booking free inspection.

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