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All your FAQs on Home Maintenance, Answered

In this post, we will answer the most common questions regarding home maintenance and AC maintenance that most people have. As a Maintenance company in Dubai, We have had many queries asked over the years and these are some of the most common questions:

AC Maintenance

How often is it ideal to get AC Maintenance?

It is recommended that you do your AC maintenance twice a year, but it is especially important to get it done during the start of the Spring/Summer Season. Your maintenance person can inform you better about the condition of your particular AC and advise you when you’ll need to get AC maintenance next.

What does AC/ HVAC maintenance consist of?

 AC Maintenance, generally, includes the following:

  • Air ducts cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning, or seeing if it needs to be changed
  • Checking if the thermostat is accurate
  • Checking the wiring and electrical connections of the AC
  • Checking the drain line
  • Check lubrication for the moving parts of the AC so they function properly

Is there a guarantee the AC will work properly after Maintenance?

Your AC is likely to work better than before after maintenance as the main causes of concern would have been checked and dealt with. However, in case there is some technical issue with the AC, it will need repair and will not be resolved with just maintenance. Luckily, most maintenance companies in Dubai tend to do both maintenance and repair so you can just call for assistance.

How long does AC Maintenance typically take?

It takes about half an hour to complete AC maintenance. However, there can be a difference in time depending on the condition of your AC. For example, if your Air Condition is new and this is its first maintenance, it may need more time. If you have not had your AC serviced in a long time, it will also need more time than usual. If there are parts of the AC to be repaired, or if the filter needs to be changed, it will also take time. Therefore, the time for the maintenance can vary depending on the condition of your AC.

Preventive and General Home Maintenance

What is the difference between preventive and general home maintenance?

 General home maintenance is the term used for reactionary maintenance, which means fixing something when there is a problem with it. Preventive maintenance on the other hand is done to make sure everything is in proper running order.

Why is it required?

 In order to keep your home in prime condition, we need to have regular maintenance done. The better you take care of your home, the longer it will stay in perfect condition. This is why you can, depending on your needs and budget opt for quarterly, semi annual, or annual maintenance. Total Property Care even offers annual maintenance contracts to make sure you have a maintenance person available whenever you need them.

Are repairs usual? Do all homes need repairs?

Yes. All homes need repairs for something or the other from time to time. If you opt for preventive maintenance, you can minimize the need for repairs as everything gets checked on a regular basis. However, machines and electrical appliances can be worn out or stop working for multiple technical reasons. In addition, pipes and drains may also get clogged or wear out at any point in time and may require cleaning or repair. All these problems are generally covered in general home maintenance.

What does home maintenance usually cover?

Home maintenance can consist of any of the following services:

  • AC maintenance
  • AD Duct cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater maintenance
  • Temperature control/ thermostat maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance

Would an annual maintenance contract save me money?

Generally speaking, Yes. This is because, depending on the package, there are many services included in terms of preventive maintenance. This is also useful when there are emergencies as you won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs during an emergency as they will be covered in the contract. With an annual maintenance contract, you can get regular preventive maintenance done.

Total Property Care is a maintenance company in Dubai which has a team of trained professionals who are just a call away to cater to all sorts of home maintenance needs.

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