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Home Renovation Are Investments that will definitely increase the worth of your home

It goes without saying that Dubai is an ideal place for property investments. And if you are the kind of person whose greatest investment is the home you live in, then you probably need to do what you can to increase and (keep increasing) your home value.

While the value of any place decreases with time, proper maintenance, innovations and renovations can keep your home functional, modern and completely worth its buck. 

Since only you understand the condition of the place you live in, you also know the pros and cons of it.  The ideal course of action would be to fix things before they get damaged, or at least fix them *as soon* as damages occur.  This way the condition of your property is maintained and you don’t have to empty your budget if and when small maintenance tasks get larger due to negligence.

Once all the preventive and general maintenance tasks are in check, and you are at a point in your life when you can afford to make further investments, then you think about doing the following.

Before we start talking about getting home renovations in Dubai, it is important to note that you do not necessarily have to do all of them at once.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are homes. 

But where do you start? Do you start off with a fresh coat of paint, or do you start with installing the latest home management or automation gadget? You can choose one or both, depending on your requirements, time and budget.

We’d like you to suggest starting it with a section of the home that is more prominent or more used. It could be your living room, or your kitchen.  It could also be your bedroom.

Another way to start is by making a list of potential home improvements you want to do within a certain period and start whichever seems most doable. This includes making considerations about the budget, time and effort it will take for execution of your plans.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive

While the concept of home renovations sounds like it is only for those who have lots of money to spend, spare and invest, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Installing shelves, cupboards, and changing the look of the lights, adding some wall art or hangings, getting throw pillows, cushions and rugs would drastically change the look of your home.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is an important part of the home. These days, kitchens have to be more than a space for cooking, as they have now evolved to be a place of comfort. Before one gets to making their kitchen fancier, the basics have to be covered first:

  • The shelves have to be installed and organized with the spices and essentials for daily use
  • There should be a rack for clean dishes, near the sink
  • The kitchen slab should be kept clean

The upgrades:

  • Hooks for hanging mugs and cooking cutlery
  • Extra sockets for electrical appliances
  • Paint can be changed, or re-touched
  • Tiles can be upgraded, or a new floor could be added for extra class
  • There could be hangers and shelves installed for everyday pots and pans, in case there isn’t enough space in the cabinets.
  • Alternatively, you can also remodel the cabinets and allocate their space and style based on your needs
  • You can also change the kitchen slab to a new one
  • In case it is an open kitchen, you may consider separating it with a partition that is both aesthetically decorative and functional.
  • Change your old gas stove for a burner that fits in the slab
  • Get prettier lights installed in your kitchen to make it look more pleasant

Living Room Upgrades

Some examples of the living room upgrades are:

  • Installing LEDs and/or solar powered lights if you get ample sunlight.
  • Installing blinds
  • Repainting the living room
  • Installing a wooden floor for a classic look
  • Installing a multi-purpose TV shelf that mounts on the wall and adds to the aesthetic
  • Getting carpets installed on the floor if changing the floor/tiles is not an option

Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms usually require the most maintenance. This is because of clogged drains and other water-related problems. There aren’t many upgrades that you can do in the bathroom, except maybe getting better showers installed, or changing any rusty parts with new shinier ones.

Energy Efficient Upgrades for the home

Energy efficient upgrades are, in our opinion, a win-win solution for home upgrades. These days, there are more energy saving options than simply replacing light bulbs with LEDs.  You can, for example, invest in a smart thermostat which allows you to control and maintain the temperature of your home and save on utility bills, as well as solar powered appliances including solar water heaters, and solar lights.

Are they expensive to install and maintain? Yes. But they are also investments that pay back for themselves and increase the worth of your property.

As discussed above, home remodeling tasks can be of any budget or type, but if you are looking for professionals to help you with, then we at Total Property Care, a maintenance company in Dubai, are at your service. We have handyman work, all kinds of preventive and general maintenance and we also have experience with installing flooring and even energy-efficient devices like solar water heaters and smart thermostats.

For assistance, queries and questions, you can contact us at +971 56 466 706.

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